Have you ever sat and really thought about what Happiness means to you?

Like legit, sat down and wrote it out. 

Not what it should be, not what others want for you but what you truly want?

Most people haven't. 

It's thought of as this far-off thing that only happens when everything is perfectly aligned. 

But what if things are never perfect? What if they are never aligned just right?

Does that mean you never get to be happy?

I'm calling bs on that! 

In this episode, I breakdown my exact method for working on your happiness today...and not waiting for someday! 


Podcast episodes for more details: 

Stories - Episode 19: Do you Tell Yourself Crazy Stories

Labels - Episode 10: Are Labels Holding You Back?

Self Talk -  Episode 52: Your Self Talk is Messing with Your Head

Gratitude - Episode 12: Gratitude

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