Who am I?

I'm someone who has moved from job to job from place to place in search of my passion and what I was meant to do. I'm someone who has taken countless tests and courses  in search of the answer to the question, "What was I put on this earth to do?".  It took me quite some time but as I am a firm believer everything happens when it's supposed to happen, it was at the exact right time. And what I found was the answer has been right in front  of me the whole time.
 am meant to bring happiness into the world.

This thought came to me years ago. But I dismissed it. It seemed silly, unrealistic and it wasn't a REAL thing. Like how could I build a career around being happy? But the thought stayed with me. And when you are meant to do something, you won't be able to shake the unsettling feeling of NOT doing it until you get there.

That's what this website is about. Everything I do from writing a blog, making a recipe, shooting a video, helping people with their health with essential oils and helping people reach financial goals is ALL about learning to be happier, healthier and LIVING your life to the fullest.

My Story

 Where do I start? There are a ton of moments in my life that were life changing but the first time I realized I was truly on the wrong path was back when I was an accountant.

I have an MBA in Accounting and went on to work at one of the Big Four firms.

From the outside, things were great.  I had a great job with a ton of perks, a beautiful condo in Connecticut and a great relationship with my fiancé, Ray (my now husband). Yet I was a miserable! I worked crazy long hours. While money was good, I had very little free time. Everyone said it would eventually get better but I needed a change.


So I quit....and went to work for a company that had 9 - 5 hours. And guess what? I was STILL unhappy. Guess it wasn't the long hours!  My fiancé and I decided we both needed a drastic change so we moved to Texas. (Why Texas is a WHOLE other story!)


After trying accounting ONE MORE TIME, I fiinally quit it for good. Because I was young and let's face it...irresponsible, I had literally nothing in savings. My fiancé and I were dead broke. (He was on his own journey and also quit his high paying career) 

So I got a part time job as a tutor making less an hour than I did at my first job out of high school but for the first time in a looooong time...I was happy. I realized not only did I have a talent for teaching and making people laugh, I thoroughly enjoyed it! 


Surely but surely my husband (We got married along the way! ) and I put our life together. At one point I was tutoring at a school in Dallas, doing one on one tutoring in client's homes and libraries, and working as a fitness instructor with this awesome company that works with kids under 10. 

I eventually landed a position as a pre school teacher. In the meantime, Ray started working as a personal training at a fitness studio. After a year and a half, the owner decided to sell...and guess who he asked?

At the point in our lives, we had made so many changes and taken so many risks. So we thought, "Why not?"  During our time of discontentment with our careers, we had made some drastic changes to our diets...even becoming raw vegans for 3 years. Fitness and nutrition had become a big part of our life. 

So we bought a gym! 

Infinity Personal Training


For the last 9 years, Ray and I have owned and operated a personal training studio. 

At first, I was just behind the scenes but as we grew, I made the decision to leave my teaching job and come on full time. 

When we had a trainer quit two hours before his session, I became a  group trainer. Eventually, I also started handling all the nutrition meetings. 

While there was definitely stressful times, I wouldn't change what we did for the world
Sometimes the universe pushes you towards things and you don't even realize they are happening. While I was busy helping others reach their health goals, I lost sight of my own. Over the course of a few years....I gained 30 lbs. I also realized through all my nutrition meetings and group training classes and just talking to clients on a day to day basis, people need MORE! 

In order to get myself back on track, I went to a health retreat. One of the many classes I attended was on the power of essential oils. And I knew. This was it. This was the way I was going to help EVEN more people with their health. This was going to be my avenue to reaching more people. This was the MORE! 
That's where this website comes in. I drastically changed my career...multiple times, in search of what I was meant to do. Over the last 10 years, I have figured out that throughout it all...I remained positive. I remained happy. I remained optimistic. My gift is NOT helping people FIND their happiness, it's helping people see it's already there....you just may need some help uncovering it. 
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