Have you seen the show, "Limitless"?

If not, put it on your list!

It's Chris Hemsworth aka Thor, taking on challenges while learning different ways to live better and longer.

In the second episode, one of his brothers is asking him if the training is helping and Chris answers...

“I don’t know if it’s any less uncomfortable or you’re more familiar with being uncomfortable."

And I literally paused the show and hit rewind to hear that quote again because DAMN!

It really hits the nail on the head...

There are so many times when we are WAITING for it to become more comfortable but maybe what we really need to focus on is becoming more ok with the uncomfortableness of it.

And once you realize it's one or the other and you may never know which it will be, it makes taking on new challenges a lot easier to go for.

In this episode, I discuss how this concept pops up in ALL the areas of our lives...and how to use it to your advantage!

If you have watched Limitless, what's your favorite episode???


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