"I'm sick because the weather has been crazy."

"I got sick because everyone is the office is sick"

Don't come at me...but you got sick because your immune system is weak.

Ok so let's go back for a second. 

What ACTUALLy causes you to get sick? 

Viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. 

They get in or on your body. And if your body can't fight them, you get sick. 

Does the change in weather CAUSE you to get sick?

No...viruses and other bacteria can thrive better in the cold. The cold can also weaken you IF your body is already struggling. 

So WHY do you get sick?

Because you are doing things that are making your immune system STRUGGLE. 

In today's podcast, I am breaking down the 7 things you NEED for a healthy immune system. 

If you want to take back control and be in charge of your health, listen to today's episode so you can get started TODAY! 

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