How many of you get excited about organizing?

Ohhhhh it makes me so giddy and I firmly believe being organized helps me be a happier person. 

But did you know I was a MESSY kid?

Funny enough,  so was my podcast guest, Star Hansen. 

And now? 

She has a TEDx talk where she explores what the monsters in your closet are trying to tell you. 

Star brings peace to the world one color-coded label at a time. Known as the Lifesytle organizer, Star's multi-layered approach is that of mind, body, spirit, and space.

She has a knack for seeing through the chaos and into the lives and hearts of those she works with.

Through her unique approach, she diagnoses people's emotional and lifestyle blocks, guiding them to a state of organization and joy.

She has been featured on OWN, TLC, HGTV, Style and A& E.

In this episode, we discuss how organizing your home can and will help you organize your mind, your relationships and so much more!

Learn more about Star:

IG: @star.hansen




CH: @star.hansen


TED TALK: Listen to the Monsters in your Closet



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