They’re just clothes right? 


Your clothes can be a beautiful expression of who you truly are...if you let them be...

And sometimes we need help with that...enter in my podcast guest, Elle Monus. 

Elle builds businesses and specializes in branding and scaling high-growth, venture-backed, tech startups. 

She has a passion for style and branding that started when she had the opportunity to build out the Styling function of a popular clothing subscription box. 

When she lost it all, her passion for personal growth blossomed and out of that came her company, True Image Group.  

She knows all too well how to balance a professional presence with her slightly edgy femininity in order to wow inside and out of the conference room.

In this episode, we will learn about how and why Elle started True Image Group and how her amazing company is helping women look and feel their best no matter their size! 

Here’s how to find Elle:

TRUE Image Group

FB & IG: @trueimagegroup

[email protected]


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