Are you going it alone?

Or do you have a mentor, a coach, a trainer, part of a mastermind, have an accountability partner?

If you don't have one of those, why the hell not?

We all grow up with a support system that helps us navigate the world, whether it's our parents, teachers, coaches, tutors. 

They are there to help us along the way because they are further down the path then we are...

And yet, many of us hit adulthood and think we have to do it all alone...with no help. 

It's SO bizarre to me! 

Because the coaches, mentors, masterminds, and all the help I have received over the years has helped move me forward SO much faster and more effectively than had I tried to do it by myself. 

Right now, I have two coaches - one who I can ask pretty much anything about business and one who is helping me build my course. I am part of a business mastermind, part of a coaching group for my doTERRA business, and have an accountability partner. 

Sounds like a lot but each of those is integral is the progress I have been making. 

So what about you?

Who's in your corner?

In this episode, I go through why it's important to have a coach, how to figure out which part of your life you may need one, and how to pick one. 

As I mention in the episode, want to get on the waitlist for deets on my Happiness Course? 


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