How many of you read regularly?

No judgment!... I'm just curious!

Reading books for some was such a chore in school that once it was required, books became a thing of the past!

For others, it is a huge part of their lifestyle.

I'm one of those peeps.

As a kid, I was put into one of those remedial reading groups. Turns out, I switch around letters and numbers sometimes. Couple that with the fact that I was extremely shy, my teacher figured I had trouble reading.

But I didn't. My reading comprehension has already been fantastic...I just won't be winning any spelling bees!
I went home and cried to my parents and they got me taken out on the class #greatparents

Since then, reading has been my favorite hobby...I read fiction, nonfiction, I run a book club with the BEST ladies ever!

Reading books is a HUGE part of my life and I can't imagine it without it.

So why the hell am I telling you all of this?

Because one thing I noticed is that EVERY person I know that is successful, reads.

So I wanted to explore this topic a bit.

And that's exactly what I do in today's episode.

I breakdown some stats on reading and discuss why it may be the simplest path to where you want to be.

I also discuss how the heck I manage to read so many books each year. 

Tune in! 

And I'm always looking for more book suggestions!

What's the best book you have read this year?


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