How do you know when it's really time to put something to bed or when you should stick it out?

There is this stigma around quitting but there are times when it's the right call.

For example, I quit being an accountant.

I spent time and energy getting a freakin MBA, worked as an intern in accounting throughout school, and spent a few years working as a tax accountant.

Then quit it all.

And I've NEVER regretted it.

On the other hand, I have had a ton of ups and downs in my current business but refuse to quit.

What's the difference?

I narrowed it down to three simple questions to ask yourself...

  1. Are you just uncomfortable? Is what is required to get you where you are wanting to go really pushing you out of your comfort zone and you are just unsure of how to handle that feeling?
  2. Do you still want the end result? You started on that path for a you still want it?
  3. Are you just having a bad day/week/month? Basically, are you in your feels?

I go much deeper into these questions and how to apply them to your life in this episode.

Give it a listen and put pen to paper and ask yourself these questions BEFORE you quit!


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