Special Interview with the owner of the #1 studio in Allen Texas, Infinity Personal Training, Ray Cattaneo...who also happens to be my husband!

Ray Cattaneo has over 10 years of personal training and health coaching experience and is the proud owner of infinity personal training, the #1 personal training studio in Allen TX. He is a mentor, health and business coach, is a National academy of Sports medicine certified personal trainer. A corrective exercise specialist and holds specializations from the Institute of transformational nutrition in hormones, autoimmune issues, digestive health and weight loss.

Ray and his amazing staff of 8 at Infinity Personal Training hold 23 certifications between all of them and has been changing lives in Allen for the last 9 years.

Today you will hear all about what they do at Infinity Personal Training and why.

For more info on Infinity Personal Training and all that they do, visit personaltrainingallen.com

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