Today my special guest is my chiropractor, Dr. Logan Spangler.

For quite some time, I had back issues. Given that I will do what I can to avoid surgery if possible, finding a good chiropractor was super important.. After doing an MRI and discovering I had degenerative disc disease, I knew I had to get serious about getting out of pain. So my wonderful husband did some research and found Dr. Spangler. Right away I knew was in good hands as he asked me TON of questions to get my history as well as my current situation down. Since I started going to Dr. Spangler, I have not thrown my back out and I have gotten stronger in my workouts. I now go to him monthly just to make sure everything is in order.

Dr. Spanlger is a certified clinical chiropractic neurologist. And is also Titleist Performance Institute certified.He completed his undergraduate at Kansas State
University Studying biology and life sciences. He then went on to Receive his Doctorate from Parker University in Dallas. He Started his own practice 6 years ago right out of School, working with athletes and rotational sports. Dr Spangler uses his knowledge of neurology and biomechanics to help as many people as he can
achieve their goals whether that means playing their best round of golf or being able to pick up their kids.

To get more info on him and his brother, go to

You can also find them on Facebook, instagram and youtube.

I wanted to interview my chiro because for me personally, being in constant pain definitely took a toll on my happiness and mood. It’s way harder to stay positive when you are in pain all the time. And that led me down a path of weight gain which I am STIll working on losing. So if you are struggling with an injury or just don't feel quite right, schedule a consult with Spangler Chiropractic and don’t be like me and wait to you are at your wits end to do something about it!



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