What's your gut say about you?

Or better yet, I should ask...What's your gut trying to tell you?

Often, the symptoms and issues we have are directly linked to our gut.

But just like everything else, fixing your gut is NOT a one size fits all kinda thing...

That's where my friend, Holly Blazina comes in!

Holly is an Ayurvedic gut health specialist, Yogini, and flamenco guitarist who found her kryptonite in chronic fatigue, candida, food sensitivities, and insomnia.

She spent nearly 25 years figuring out how to get her life back so that you can have yours, too. Now, she’s a creative powerhouse in her 50’s with energy to burn.

Holly helps people with IBS, food sensitivities and microbiome issues get to the bottom of their digestive struggles with 1:1 consultations and her Gutsy Yoga member program.

In this episode, we discuss how she helps people solve their gut issues by figuring out their Type. 

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