doTERRA Enrollment Kits

Home Essentials Kit

This kit gives you everything you need for a happy, healthy home. With bestselling doTERRA essential oils and blends, plus the Laluz Diffuser, the Home Essentials Kit truly offers the essentials for any home.

Price: $270

235 PV

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Aroma Essentials Collection

Great for those looking for simple ways to eliminate toxins in their home. 

This collection includes doTERRA powerhouse products to help you freshen the air in your home, while also providing refreshing, invigorating, and lovely aromas.

With the Aroma Essentials Collection, you can create a fresh, clean environment that smells incredible, straight from the plant.

Price :$155 

115 PV

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Healthy Habits Kit

The products in the Healthy Habits Kit are the tools you need to make healthy choices every single day and establish a routine that lends itself to the healthy lifestyle you’re striving for. With bestselling doTERRA essential oils, blends, and supplements, the Healthy Habits Kit gives you support as you walk the path toward a happier, healthier you.

Price: $195

125 PV

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Healthy Start Kit

Transforming your mind, body, and home has never been easier with essential oils and essential oil-infused products. With doTERRA, you can be confident that your essential oils are safe, pure, and effective. This kit contains the Top 10 oils and may come with the beloved Pebble Diffuser or the sleek Brevi Diffuser.

Price: $160

100 PV

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The Cura Collection


This kit is for those looking to replace synthetic solutions with effective, natural alternatives.

Price: $249.50

200 PV

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Simple Solutions Kit

As the name suggests, this kit includes simple products that offer simple solutions to everyday problems and tasks. With three doTERRA powerhouse products—Lemon, doTERRA On Guard®, and doTERRA Serenity®—this kit is both simple and effective. Along with these three top-selling oils, Deep Blue® Rub ensures you truly have the basics covered to get started with essential oils.


Price: $105

70 PV

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AromaTouch® Training Kit


This kit is for those wanting to learn the AromaTouch Technique.

With the kit, you’ll also receive access to the official doTERRA AromaTouch Technique Certification course, taught by Dr. Hill himself! If you’re ready to master the AromaTouch Technique, this kit is perfect for you.

After purchasing the kit, you’ll receive an email giving you access to the certification course. You can expect to receive this email two to three business days after your purchase.

Price: $250

250 PV

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Natural Solutions Kit

Designed to help anyone who wants to use natural products to solve commonplace problems, this kit harnesses the power of some of the top doTERRA products to promote wellness. If you’re ready to live a more natural life—free of harmful toxins—the Natural Solutions Kit could be just the solution you’ve been searching for.

Price: $450

345 PV

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Oil Collectors Kit 

With this kit, you are given complete access to build your oil knowledge and personally experience the effects of the abundant benefits of doTERRA essential oils.

Price: $1,950

1750 PV

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