It's no secret that essential oils are my jam. 

I use them every day to help improve and support my health, my mindset, and my general well being. 

They started as something I used here and there and over time, as I started to get results with one oil, I kept thinking, “what else can I use them for?"

And before long, they were a staple in my day to day life. 

But just like everything else in life, most of us view them from a macro level and not a micro level.

Meaning we say oh cool, Lavender can help support my sleep…but we have no idea how to incorporate that into our routines. 

In this episode, I go through a day in the life of me using essential oils to support me throughout my daily tasks and easy ways to incorporate them so that they don't become a burden but a way to make your life better! 

p.s. I am starting  The 10 Days to a Happier You Challenge on February 15th. Click here to join! 


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