Do Monday's REALLY stink or have you been trained to think they do?

Everyone hates Mondays. But it happens to be my favorite day of the week.


Because I flipped the script.

I made it the day where I get the most done and plan for my success. So I look forward to Mondays.

What if you were never told Monday's stink. What if you were told Monday's are great?

How would that change things for you?

If you Monday's REALLY do blow....let's discuss what to do about it....

there are ONLY three things

(1) Change them
(2) Change your outlook on them
(3) Do nothing and continue to complain about them

Which will you choose?

In this episode, I dive deeper into why you really have been trained to hate Mondays, how to change that and how to get back 4 years of your life!  


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