I love a good challenge. 

They are a great way to grow and change and push yourself past where you thought you could go. 

When I learned about 75 Hard, I knew I wanted to do it. 

I first heard about it at the monthly get together for the mastermind I am a part of. 

Jessica Stroud, who helped welcome me into the group was doing it and LOVED it. 

My coach, Tomas Keenan was also doing it and I could SEE the difference it is having on him. 

(And of course, I asked him about it!)

Here's the thing...success leaves clues and when people you admire, respect and know are killing it are doing something...it's usually a good idea to do it too. 

So I am starting this challenge this Monday July 20th. 

In this episode, I go through exactly what the challenge is, why I'm doing and why I want you to join me! 

p.s. This challenge is 100% free and it's something you can start anytime. Nothing but discipline is needed get going! 

Are you in? 



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