1: Welcome! Who I am and Why Happiness is like a muscle!

My first episode! Hey! I'm Amy. Thank you SO much for tuning into my podcast. In this episode, I explain who I am, what I do and WHY I choose to do it. I created this podcast as a way to help others become happier and healthier. I will share the tips, tricks, lessons and methods I use and have learned along the way to getting the MOST out of life. ...

Welcome to the Life, Love & Business Podcast!

The Life, Love and Business podcast was created to educate others to take control of every aspect of their lives. Ray and Amy Cattaneo have owned a highly successful personal training training studio in Allen, Texas for the last 8 years in which they have helped transform lives in their community. They were also high school sweethearts and now after 20 years together, 8 as business partners, they hope to help others achieve success in their own lives. 
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Day 127 - Jordan or Lebron

The question of the week - who is the greatest player of all time: Michael Jordan or Lebron James??

Day 126 - To Compare or not to Compare

Is comparison bad?

Day 125 influence, consciousness, politics, and more...

Today we discuss with a candid episode regarding our experience being back in ny, and listening to various perspectives...

Day 124 Salt vs sea salt vs Himalayan salt?

Today we discuss some common misconceptions about salt, whether its bad or not, and if it causes high blood pressure or not.

Day 123 - We Missed Our Flight! (Multiple Lessons)

oday we missed our flight and we discuss some lessons around following your instinct as well submitting to the consequences sometimes versus trying to retaliate or control things when a situation backfires on you.

Day 122 - Give me MY dress!

Today we discuss the topic of "dont shoot the messenger" as well not getting angry at people who have no control of what you want out of a situation.

Day 121 - Do You Take Your Family for Granted?

Do we take our families for granted? The fact that they are always there (usually) and we have the option to spend time with them all the time makes it easy to put it at the end of our list .

Day 120 - You Are Not Your Mistakes!

Today we discuss how people let mistakes and failures hold them back. We also shift into other topics regarding evaluating things in life as experiences versus labeling them with emotions or attachments...

Day 119 - Our Favorite Snacks!

Let's talk snacks!

Day 118 - Lets talk about Kanye

Kanye is all over the news this week so we discuss our opinion on what is going on!

Day 117 - Does your "fun" = their "fun" ?

Today we discuss the importance of clarifying your words or what you mean when you communicate and also how you communicate expectations as well as your message to staff and customers. We also discuss a powerful way of writing out company core values and more...

Day 116 - What's the Best Way to Track your Food?

Today we discuss what type of food journaling may be best for you and why...

Day 115 - Coffee Enemas, Vodka Skin Cleaning, and Juice Fasting?

Today we discuss why we don't suggest some of the health protocols we have used in the past or some things that may work but be advanced based on where anyone is starting on their health journey...we also discuss having a solid foundation before exploring advanced cleansing/healing methods...

Day 114 - Workouts on Vacations??

Do you work out on vacation? If so, why? If not, why? Listen to today's episode on our take on it!

Day 113 - Should You Get a Coach?

We are big big fans of having coaches for all different aspects of our lives. In today's episode, we discuss an article Ray read on the affects of having a coach.

Day 112 - What Fears are you Projecting onto Others?

Today we discuss why its important to not project your personal fears, values, beliefs, etc onto others when it may hold them back from a different experience or actually push them in a different direction if you don't project your fears...

Day 111 - Our top 3 kitchen gadgets!

Today we discuss our favorite things to use in the kitchen and why....

Day 110 - Whats the difference between a juice and a smoothie?

Today we discuss the differences between juices and smoothies as well as the health benefits and uses of both!

Day 109 - Law of Attraction...and weight...

Put your big girl panties and big boy briefs on..this one might hurt!

Day 108 - "to be yourself in a world that....."

Today we discuss being yourself, authenticity, and getting in alignment in multiple areas of life.