14: Three Pillars to Sticking to a Health Goal

As I make my way through the protocol I was given to fix up my health, the #1 question I keep getting is "How do you do it?"

Well, in this episode I answer that question....

I walk you through exactly how I'm doing it and how you can do it too! 

Here are the three pillars:

1. Have a strong enough why. 

WHY do you want to reach that goal? WHY is it important? WHY now? WHY are you doing this?

You gotta get deep on this one....because surface level answers are the reason people fail. DIG DEEP. 

2. Let go of the FOMO and regret.
Time is passing whether you are doing this or not. Things will ALWAYS be happening in your life....there will ALWAYS be parties, holidays, vacations, events, etc. So if you wait until there is a "perfect" time to start, you never will. 

You also WON'T regret how you didn't eat that one cake at that one party 5 years down the line. You really won't. So LET GO OF THE FOMO (fear of missing out). 6 months - 1 year is NOT a lot of time in the grand scheme of things. When you look back over the time you spent reaching your health goal, I promise you will remember how accomplished you felt NOT how you didn't get to eat that one slice of pizza at that one happy hour you went to. 

3. Have a positive attitude about it

If you are pissy, angry, sad, feeling sorry for yourself, and all the other negative emotions while you are working on your goal, odds are you will eventually quit....because who the hell wants to feel like that? 

NO ONE. So you use your shitty attitude to justify quitting. 

Instead focus on all the GOOD coming from the changes you are making. 

Your energy, your sleep, your body composition, clothes fitting better, health getting better, new recipes to try, new foods to try and so on. 
Listen to this episode as I go deeper into examples as well as give the challenges to each pillar and how to overcome them! 

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