Let's you your own account!
I suggest to start with an Enrollment Kit which not only saves you more money but also get's the $35 enrollment fee waived.! 
If you are not sure which kit suits you best, LET'S TALK BEFORE you sign up! 

Follow the Steps Below to Open an Account 
1. Click "Become a Member

2. Choose "Wholesale Customer". You can always upgrade to a Wellness Advocate for free later! 

3. Choose your country and language. 

4. Fill out all your information. 

5. Under Referral Informatin, "I know my dōTERRA member’s ID number"  should already be selected and you should see a pic of your truly! If you do NOT see my name or nothing is selected, select "I know my dōTERRA member’s ID number" and enter in 4792541

6. Please select either an ENROLLMENT KIT and waive the $35 membership fee OR select the $35 doTERRA Essential Booklet and create your own kit.

Not sure what to buy? Starting with a kit is always a great way to get going as you the $35 enrollment fee is waived. You also get a good variety of oils to start with. 

Still not sure? Let's talk BEFORE you sign up. 


That's all folks! 

What to expect next:
  • a confirmation email from doTERRA
  • A welcome email from me
  • Access to my educational facebook group
  • A biweekly newsletter on a variety of ways to use essential oils. 

Need more information before you get started?
I totally understand. We've all been there. Starting something new can be hard and a bit scary. Click below and let's get a call scheduled. I would love to answer any questions you may have.