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How it works:

  • Everyone has their own account. 
  • Choose an enrollment kit.
  • You are able to buy what you want when you want. (There is NO obligation to buy every month or sell anything!)
  • Once you have an account, you will get access to:
    • A FREE wellness consult where I how you exactly how to use whatever you ordered and how to use your account. 
    • My private educational facebook group
    • the Members only section of this site (coming soon!)
    • Ongoing support from me!!! (You have a question, I will have the answer!) 

When you start with an Enrollment kit, you not only save on the oils but also the $35 membership fee is waived. Plus you start off with a good variety of oils and products to get you going! 

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Follow the Steps Below:

  1. Click the "View Enrollment Kits" button above. 
  2. Pick Out Your Kit. 
  3. Click the button of the kit of your choice below. 
  4. Follow the link to open your account. 
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Natural Solutions Kit

And that's it! 

You will receive a confirmation email from doTERRA as well as a welcome email from me. 

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