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Why I Chose Essential Oils 

You may be surprised to hear the first time I learned about doTERRA, I was really put off.  The person who tried to introduce me was more interested in my gym and gaining access to our clients than in truly educating me on the power of essential oils. Unfortunately, I let one bad seed put me off the whole company. 

Several years later, I went on a health retreat and learned what oils are REALLY about. After the amazing class on them, I went back to my hotel room and started researching. What I discovered was truly life changing. 

Since then, I have used essential oils daily to help me with several health issues I have been dealing with for quite some time. It's crazy how fast you go from "Do they REALLY work?" to "What else can they do???!!" when you feel the effects for one issue. 

Now I focus on helping others discover the magic that lies within these perfect little bottles. 

What are Essential Oils?

Without getting too "sciencey"...let's go through what an essential oil actually is.

Essential oils are plant extracts that have been obtained from a part of the plant. It could from the flower, the leaves, the roots, the bark or the peel.  To be considered a TRUE essential oil, the oil must be extracted without any chemical solvents. This can be done using cold pressing, steam distillation or CO2 extraction.

It's common to think "essential" means necessary however it actually refers to "quintessential" as in "embodying the essence of something". Therefore, essential oils are comprised of the plant's essence which is made up of compounds that have the ability to support health.

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Why Essential Oils?

Part of my life and health journey has been removing as many toxics as I can. Essential oils are as pure as you can get! 

It's an AMAZING feeling knowing my household is ready to handle soooo many health ailments and issues and it's not only cheaper, but more effective as well as natural and safe! WIN, WIN WIN!

And quite frankly, I want a solution that doesn't have side effects, doesn't have additives and is completely free of synthetics.

The ways to use essential oils are countless!!! 

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But Can't I Just Get Oils from the Store?

You can...but you won't really know what you are getting. doTERRA conducts 13+ tests on it's oils to ensure their purity and safety. 

I'm all about transparency and knowing EXACTLY what I am using. Even if you are just putting an oil on your skin, you ARE absorbing that into your body...so it's important that it's not full of synthetics, chemicals and other nasty ingredients. 

I like knowing for SURE that what I am using is pure and natural! 

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Why Do You Need Oils?

Let's face it...what we are doing on a whole ISN'T working. We are more overweight, sicker than ever, and putting more and more toxins in and on our bodies day after day. 

 The average woman puts over 500 chemicals on her body DAILY. What health issues are you experiencing as a result of that and are not even aware of it.?

The list of bacterias that have become resistant to antibiotics keeps growing.  The list of side effects of medicines are becoming scarier and sometimes worst than what they are trying to help. 

Let's go back to basics. Let's go back to something that is -  NATURAL. POTENT. POWERFUL. and more importantly SAFE.

You'll choose your kit you'd like to get started with. There are a few options available to fit any budget. I'll help you choose the kit that's best for your goals. 

We will figure out which kit works best for you and your goals. There are a few options available to fit any budget!

We set up another time for us to go through exactly how to use what you ordered for your goals.

You will get access to the Members Area which has a TON of resources and you will continue to get ongoing support as you learn to use and love your oils.

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