Day 121 - Do You Take Your Family for Granted?

Do we take our families for granted? The fact that they are always there (usually) and we have the option to spend time with them all the time makes it easy to put it at the end of our list .

Day 113 - Should You Get a Coach?

We are big big fans of having coaches for all different aspects of our lives. In today's episode, we discuss an article Ray read on the affects of having a coach.

Day 109 - Law of Attraction...and weight...

Put your big girl panties and big boy briefs on..this one might hurt!

Day 98 - "Its you and me against the problem not me verse you"

We discuss taking a different perspective when arguing or having disagreements

Day 92- Do You Know Your Love Language?

We discuss the 5 love languages and the importance of knowing them to properly reciprocate in relationships..

Day 71 - Can you change your spouse?

Amy is a planner. Ray is not. And sometimes that causes issues...especially when we have to shoot a podcast!

Day 64 - Should your significant other be your best friend?

Should your other half be your best friend? We think so....

Day 56 - If You Don't Step Up someone else Will Step In! (Relationships)

Today we discuss how men are being "tested" more than ever nowadays but don't get it or they just fail to be consistent while expecting their wives to just believe them when they haven't been present for years or just quite simply aren't doing what they said they would do Or they just don't lead and let the other person constantly take control leading to a l...

Day 45 - Is the Magic Bullet Romantic?

Happy Valentines Day ! In the spirit of the day, we discuss gift giving with your special someone.

Day 41 - We took a pic with an owl?!?!

What happens when you and your significant other don't share the same interests?

Day 26 - Should you work out with your spouse/significant other?

We discuss why some people may do well working out together while others may not. Do we enjoy working out together? Should you force your spouse to workout with you or do you get upset that they wont?

Day 21 - Date Nights

The importance of having a weekly date night and why you may consider adding it to your week if you don't currently. When is the last time you dated your wife?

Day 16 - We Fight!

Ray and Amy discuss arguing as a couple and why it's not a bad thing. They discuss polarity, some male/female dynamics, and more

Day 10 - Is Your Relationship Growing or Dying?

You are either growing or dying. We like to apply that to all aspects of our lives, including our relationship. Yet so many of us, especially men, shy away from doing anything for relationship growth. We tend to think that you only need to help/coaching/etc if something is wrong.

Day 5 - Are You a Stage 5 Clinger?

We discuss what we think is 1 secret to our 20 year relationship!