Day 146 - Amy's FINAL Blood Work Results

A few weeks ago, we discussed my initial results of the blood work and stool sample I had completed. Today, I actually sat down with the doc and got the REAL results! Listen to today's podcast to hear what the final verdict was! <iframe frameborder='0' height='200px' scrolling='no' seamless src='' width...

Day 144 - How long should your workout be?

Does a workout need to be an hour? An hour seems to be the amount of time that so many of us have assigned to have a "proper" workout. Well...why is that? And what can do you instead? <iframe frameborder='0' height='200px' scrolling='no' seamless src='' width='100%'></iframe>

Day 143 - Our Fav Green Powders

Green powders are an excellent way to get a ton of vitamins and minerals in. Yet so many people don't use them... Maybe you tried one brand and it tasted gross. Maybe you've never tried one because you THINK it will taste gross. Today we discuss why green powders are great and share some of our favorite brands!

Day 141 - Ray vs Amy (the sequel)

Ray and I continue our conversation from a previous podcast after we have someone write in about it! Tune in to hear us go toe to toe AGAIN!

Day 139 - Amy got her blood tested??!!

Ray and I went to Dr. Homero Cavazos in order to get our blood work done. But it's not just any ole blood work.... Despite the fact that I ate healthy and I workout consistently, I am still having trouble with my skin, trouble with dropping weight and some pretty bad inflammation issues. So off we went to get some answers! Listen to today's podcast to hear...

Day 137 - Ray vs Amy

Ray and I don't agree on a LOT of a Today Ray proposed a podcast topic and I completely disagreed with his stance....and we decided to use the topic anyways and let you guys hear on different sides. In today's podcast, Ray poses a topic on body imagine, self awareness and participation awards. While I agree with SOME of the things h...

Day 135 - Time vs Money: Are you being a cheap ass?

Time is the only currency we all do you use yours? Ray and I discuss how sometimes we don't use our time wisely. Many times we have the option to either do something ourselves or pay someone else to do it. How do you choose to do one or the other? When is the money worth the time? And when is it not? Listen to today's podcast to hear how we somet...

Day 133 - Is a calorie just a calorie?

Is a calorie just a calorie? This is the question. Listen to find out what we think! Some people like to preach that a calorie is a calorie. And technically calories are calculated by a machine, a calorie is a calorie. But our bodies are not machines....we process food VERY differently then a machine in a lab. Listen to today's podcast to hear wh...

Day 130 - Max had a yeast infection???

Max, our beautiful german shepherd, has had some issues. In today's podcast we talk about what we did to fix them and why. Animals are not that much different from humans. Their diet and health are just as linked as ours. Yet, it's some thing that is often ignored. We discuss how we feed our dogs and why we had to change it up for both of them...and how Max...

Day 129 - Do you eat dinner as a family???

Dinnertime is an important time in our little family...mainly because it's a time to reconnect after a long day and partly because food makes me happy! Ray and I grew up very differently...having dinner as a family was a standard for me and Ray's family was the complete opposite. Since we have lived together having dinner together almost every night h...

Day 128 - We're Back, Baby

Day 124 Salt vs sea salt vs Himalayan salt?

Today we discuss some common misconceptions about salt, whether its bad or not, and if it causes high blood pressure or not.

Day 119 - Our Favorite Snacks!

Let's talk snacks!

Day 117 - Does your "fun" = their "fun" ?

Today we discuss the importance of clarifying your words or what you mean when you communicate and also how you communicate expectations as well as your message to staff and customers. We also discuss a powerful way of writing out company core values and more...

Day 116 - What's the Best Way to Track your Food?

Today we discuss what type of food journaling may be best for you and why...

Day 115 - Coffee Enemas, Vodka Skin Cleaning, and Juice Fasting?

Today we discuss why we don't suggest some of the health protocols we have used in the past or some things that may work but be advanced based on where anyone is starting on their health journey...we also discuss having a solid foundation before exploring advanced cleansing/healing methods...

Day 114 - Workouts on Vacations??

Do you work out on vacation? If so, why? If not, why? Listen to today's episode on our take on it!

Day 111 - Our top 3 kitchen gadgets!

Today we discuss our favorite things to use in the kitchen and why....

Day 110 - Whats the difference between a juice and a smoothie?

Today we discuss the differences between juices and smoothies as well as the health benefits and uses of both!

Day 107 - How Toxic is Your Home?

So you cleaned up your diet....what's next? Listen to today's podcast to find out!